Brighthouse... Epic Fail!

So today will be the 6th time I've called Brighthouse since the start of my cable box woes. From all the research I've done thus far, it seems to be due to the software upgrade to the “new” Digital Navigator software from the previous Passport software they use to use. In my opinion, it's just another cable company trying to play catch up with the digital satellite providers – something they should have done years ago.

I have called them 5 times previously, one of which I spoke to a supervisor – Gary – who was rude and completely unprofessional. I've never met a supervisor that tries to blame the problems on the customer. He was supposed to request the line technician that was coming to check the connection from the pole to my house was in good order and to request the technician stop and knock on my door. This was never done and I now know why.

Brighthouse is just trying to cover their asses. They know the problem isn't with the line from the wall to the box, the line from the house to the pole or anything else on my end. They know this is the problem of faulty system software that was rolled out before it was aptly tested under a variety of “wargame” scenarios. View the article from the Orlando Sentinel here.

Long story short, I have tweeted (in desperation) to @BHNinsider today. Hopefully I will receive some response back, since this person seems to work for Brighthouse Networks themselves. I really don't want to have to contact the Cable Commission and the FCC – but I will. Just as I have made good on my promise to blog about their blunders and mistakes about this.

I'm curious to know if I am the only person in the state of Indiana experiencing these issues. As always, I look forward to your feedback and comments on this post.

Regardless, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm posting what happens next.  If they don't come through, I'm making sure they get all the bad press they deserve.