A Bubble Realized?

According to a recent post by Dave Copeland at ReadWriteWeb on the rampant speculation and rumor-mongering that has abounded Facebook as of late:

It’s not surprising that Facebook is developing a phone, as reported last week by The New York Times. What is surprising is how the story has been covered with a sense of awe, and no one has bothered to question how news of the Facebook phone - as well as a rumored acquisition of Opera - leaked during Facebook’s first full week as a public company.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Facebook is a shell with nothing to support it except crappy, mindless games and annoying advertisements - both of which the company pushes on its users by using their (our) personal information to "market" those products with little to no real tangible value to their user base. What gain could be so great that we as users subject ourselves to arbitrary privacy policies designed to secretly (and not so secretly) obtain our information with the sole purpose being to line the pockets of Facebook execs?

I'm not denying the power that Facebook has in our society to communicate between our different groups of friends, but as a source of realtime information, I think Twitter is more apt to be a match in the area of real-time. I think much of this so-called speculation (which is nothing more than the rumor mill working overtime) boils down to the fact that this is a bubble and in order to keep the bubble from bursting, you have to keep it afloat - any way you can.