A Safari Shortcut for URL Shortening

Those of you who enjoy using the Bit.ly URL shortening service have an awesome reason to love Safari for Mac. ZZHC Studio has a Safari extension that works with Bit.ly some other popular URL shortening services like goo.gl, TinyURL and it even works with custom endpoints, if you have your own short domain and it's called Shortly.

Screen Shot 2012 06 08 at 10 50 45 PM

While it has been out for a while (it's up to version 2.3.2 as of this post), the Shortly does boast some awesome features like using your Google account to track goo.gl links. If you're a Bit.ly subscriber like myself, you can enter your username and API Key and Shortly will automatically create shortened URLs using your account so you can easily log in and track who's following your links. There's even an option to use a hotkey combination, if you're not fond of clicking on a button all the time to access the extension.

Screen Shot 2012 06 08 at 10 51 29 PM

So how do you use Shortly? After you install the extension, you'll see an icon like this in your Safari window:

Screen Shot 2012 06 08 at 10 49 52 PM copy

When you click this button, you'll get an overlay bar just below the tabs that displays the shortened URL, which you can copy/paste into wherever you want to share it - Twitter, Facebook, etc. This is extremely useful when you need to save characters in your tweets, but you still want to include an otherwise very lengthy link to a webpage.

If you're using Safari on the Mac and you're keeping Bit.ly loaded in its own tab, just to shorten your URLs, you're missing out! Pop on over to ZZHC Studio today and download Shortly.