AOL reprieves the llamas, tries to whip ass of online Philly radio station instead

It seems that AOL - a once-powerful company controlling a majority of the Internet access for Americans - has pivoted its business model to that of Internet troll.

Starting December 20, 2013, Llamas' worldwide will no longer be in constant fear of having their asses whipped, as AOL has announced it is shutting down Winamp media player. What was once a must-have application for audiophiles in the dawning age of MP3s will soon join the tech ash heap of history in less than a month. I'm not exactly sure why this couldn't have been spun off into a desktop app to revive the former AOL Radio player. When AOL stopped offering a downloadable desktop version, I stopped listening since I can't stand websites for streaming music.

In a less publicized move, it seems that not only does AOL not want to put any effort into a quality listening experience for it own listeners, it's trying to destroy it for some of us in the Philadelphia area. Local Internet broadcasting company iRadioPhilly is finding itself on the wrong side of AOL's legal team when owner Tom Kelly wrote AOL to inform them they were in violation of Mr. Kelly's registered trademark Martini Lounge Radio. The name was registered as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office back in 2009 to the local businessman, but AOL is disputing the claim and seeking to cancel the trademark grant. According to a email I received from Mr. Kelly, AOL is alleging the mark was first used by them and not iRadioPhilly. According to the email, both iRadioPhilly and AOL "are trying to formulate a resolution and avoid litigation." Loyal listeners can sign iRadioPhilly's petition over on their website.

A request for comment on the matter sent to AOL has, as of this post, remained unanswered.

Source: After 15 years of llama-whipping, AOL shuts down Winamp for good | Ars Technica