AT&T Throttling Speeds for Unlimited Data Customers

According to a post by MG Siegler, AT&T is quietly throttling back the data speeds of its grandfathered unlimited data subscribers.

These are people who pay for unlimited data (which AT&T has since discontinued, but they were all grandfathered in). AT&T doesn’t want to face the backlash if they kick them out of those contracts, so instead they’re taking more subtle, slimy maneuvers to make sure they can screw over long-standing customers.

I am by no means defending AT&T. I've had my problems with their billing practices and I've experienced a dropped call or two in my time. However, I'm not quite sure why this should be news in this day and age. ISP's throttle back connections naturally when traffic starts to peak. Ever try and watch streaming content when everyone else on your block, who is a Comcast subscriber gets home after work? It can be a downright bitch sometimes.

Going back and for with Twitter user @astn, he makes a good point mentioning warranty of fitness, but let's not forget that smartphones are just that - phones. Their primary function is to send and receive voice transmissions. I won't deny that I use my smartphone more as a data device that an actual phone, but let's keep things in perspective. My data package on AT&T is $30/mo. My calling plan is considerably much more than that, not to mention I have two lines. As long as I can make and receive phone calls, I'm a happy camper, as most of my data usage is done between my laptop and my iPad (Wifi model, for all of you who think I'm being a hypocrite).

All I say is that we keep things in perspective. Jumping to Verizon from AT&T, for example is not a practical solution. What happens when Verizon gets large and in charge and in the same position (opportunity) that AT&T is in now? The same problem will occur, only the carrier name will change. We need real solutions for the carrier problems plaguing America - playing carrier leap-frog will not solve a thing.