Boxee gives independent content creators the finger

It appears that the Boxee box is to be no more. According to a company blog post by CEO Avner Ronen on October 16, the Boxee box will no longer be actively supported with updates after a promised update for the Flash player and some minor bug fixes.

Most of the post goes into detail about how awesome the Boxee TV device will be for those living in North America. I guess this is what they mean by, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". Instead of furthering the development of what was a groundbreaking new product, which debuted a little more than two years ago and making it competitive with cable and satellite providers - something cord-cutters would have loved to have seen mature - Boxee is essentially saying: "Thanks to all the independent content creators for helping to build our platform into something awesome and allowing us to justify charging consumers $199 for an ugly piece of plastic. You and the consumers can both go pound dirt."

Essentially, Boxee has given a nice, big finger to the independent content creators. If the time comes for the company to introduce a product that offers promotion to this group again, I would love to see them give it right back.

What consumers want is a way to access web-based content, either from a subscription or through free services hosted by content providers. What Boxee is now delivering is just another cable box.

Source: Boxee Blog ยป Boxee Box Past, Present, and Future