Calling all Philly tech brands: help me cover this laptop!

So, recently my wife upgraded her 13" MacBook Pro to a 15" version. Since her old laptop was a Core i7 with a 500GB hard drive, I decided to swap my laptop out for her old one. The trade off is that I have a blank canvas with which to cover with some pretty awesome artwork, and quite frankly, I miss my Love sticker (it's a Philly thing).

While it would be a painless effort to pick items myself, I've decided to crowdsource this and make this a fun opportunity that local brands can't pass up. I'm turning the top of my laptop into a place where local tech, marketing and social media companies can rock their logos. Since I can be found out and about in coffeehouses researching solutions to client issues or contributing to my blog, it would be great exposure for those brands that might be lesser known but want a no-cost way to rep their brands in public. Here's what I propose:

I will charge you absolutely nothing to put your logo on my laptop. However, this comes at the expense of some other rules:

  • Since space is obviously limited, I request that the decals or stickers you send be no larger than 2" x 2"
  • Space will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Since larger stickers will get priority due to space constraints, the sooner you send your decal/sticker, the better your chances of having it included.
  • For each item I put on my laptop, I will post a photo of it on my blog (cross-posted to Twitter and my Facebook page.
  • Startups are a plus.
  • Vinyl decals are preferred, but I will also accept stickers provided they have an adhesive that will not mar the finish of my MacBook.
  • The decal/sticker should be of your company logo only. Please no twitter accounts or Facebook URLs. Website URLs accompanying logo are ok.
  • Please, no national brands. The point of this endeavor is to rep local/regional brands close to the metro Philadelphia area.
  • Please do not ask me to remove another brand's decal/sticker because they are your competition. That shall not pass.

If you are a business that would be interested in sending me your logo decal or sticker, please email me at and we'll chat about this awesome opportunity for your brand. It should be noted that while I prefer local tech brands, your business doesn't have to be a tech company to get rep'd. If your business is a marketing, new media or social media firm, I'd love to hear from you too. Drop me a line and we'll discuss how I can include your brand.