Capture your live music memories with Lanyard for Spotify

I'm not a big concert person - I've only ever attended two concerts in my entire life. However, each of those times were equally memorable for a variety of reasons. For me, the best part about live music is the combination of good friends, great music and living in the moment.

Capturing Your Memories

Fortunately for Spotify users, there is an app you can install to capture and relive those memories years after they actually happen. It's called Lanyard and it acts as a digital shoebox of photos and comments of the concerts you attend. In addition to collecting what you capture during the event, Lanyard provides setlist information, which you can easily listen to as a playlist in Spotify. The cool thing about the playlists is that they'll use live versions of the tracks versus album versions, so you can sit back, close your eyes and relive the moment again and again. Lanyard will even provide information on opening acts before the main event.

Made For Mobile

One of the interesting things about Lanyard is that it's made for mobile. The entire site is completely responsive, so you can whip out your smartphone at the next concert and start snapping photos and adding comments direct from the mobile site without the need to hunt for a native app. Although a native application might provide a bit more polish, I really think that the mobile site provides enough fit and finish to alleviate the need for one.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="240"]Lanyard on the iPhone Lanyard on the iPhone[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360"]Lanyard on the iPad Lanyard on the iPad[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360"]The Lanyard app in Spotify The Lanyard app in Spotify[/caption]

Powered By…

There are two essential parts to what make Lanyard so powerful. First, information on the concert - date, time and venue - are obtained from Next, setlist information is obtained from Lanyard pieces together this information in a design that was created by Retrofuzz Ltd., a UK-based web design firm that works almost exclusively with the music industry. On the off-chance Lanyard doesn't have any information on a particular concert, you can submit the details to them for addition to their database.


What makes this Lanyard so great is the ability to collect memories from a particular music event and view them later on in a digital scrapbook-of-sorts. However, they have yet to incorporate any kind of social sharing feature. Say you attend a concert with a friend. You both can check into the event on Lanyard, upload photos and comments, but there is no easy way to share those things with Facebook or Twitter. You can visit your profile page (which is public by default) at and share the page, but there is no integration with other social networks. You still have to rely on Instagram and other social apps for that.

Despite the limitations, Lanyard is still a compelling Spotify app for collecting memories of your concerts and other musical events.