Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

I'm dismayed to see that even though you're a company created by developers, you can't seem to master the art of user interface design. Why do you feel the need to auto-reload a page immediately after I make a change, and then force me to scroll all the way back down the page to pick up where I left off? This is horrible usability.

Also on that note, please don't force me to remove a topic from my profile lists just because I un-liked a page. You know the ones I'm talking about, the Favorite lists that show on my profile: Books, Movies, Television Shows… you get the idea. Just because I don't physically like the page any longer, doesn't mean I've lost a real world fondness for the show. Likewise, if I remove an item from my Favorites list, it doesn't necessarily mean I don't like the page anymore - I just don't want it in that particular list. So why do you automatically de-like the page for me when I un-favorite it?

In conclusion, the only thing all this can lead me to believe is that you really just want me to like pages simply for the marketing value that I provide those brands, by letting them cluster up my wall with updates I really don't care about. The least you can do is pretend that you care about my privacy and offer your users some options to do that with, rather than using me as a pseudo-spokesperson for each of those brands by showing my name in association with their pages to each of my friends.

With hate,