Demanding Answers From Ivy Tech

I don't think it's too much to ask that CINS/CIT students get an answer to resolve a question about software needed for classes.  But Ivy Tech doesn't seem to agree.  According to Microsoft, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana has an software agreement with them for licenses of Windows 7 to be given to students, faculty and staff free of charge, yet Ivy Tech doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that or can't find anyone on staff who can answer this inquiry.

In speaking with Ivy Tech via their Facebook page, I can't seem to get a straight answer out of them one way or the other.  If the information on Microsoft's site is incorrect, Ivy Tech should have a duty to work with MS to ensure that false information isn't being given out about the insitution's software policy.  If the information is in fact correct, Ivy Tech needs to stop telling students in their enrollment information that they do not give out licenses for Microsoft software free to students.  Either way, action should be taken on the part of Ivy Tech to ensure this confusion doesn't ensue in future classes.

At the very least, Ivy Tech has a duty to give a straight answer to it's students, of which, some of us are still waiting (15 days and counting). They stopped communicating with us regarding this issue on December 7th, promising to provide an answer - meanwhile, due to the amount of wall posts the institution receives, the thread is being buried (and forgotten about).

You can verify this information by following these links: (where you can go to do the school search)