Designing With Your Brain: Andrew Kim

From In Brief: A Proposed Microsoft Identity via Brand New:

In between classes and executed in just three days as a side project, Andrew Kim, a student at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, CA, has designed an alternate identity for Microsoft.

If this is the kind of branding that Microsoft actually adopted, I would actually be tempted to buy their products. While some may say that the branding mirrors that of it's chief rival Apple, there is something to be said for the way Kim draws attention to the actual product, rather than hyping the usual fluff from the Redmond giant's marketing department (which, incidentally, should be mentioned is grossly out of touch with today's ever-changing demographic).

Does Microsoft need a facelift? Most definitely. This is a company with a legacy of solid products that have either been mismanaged over time or flat-out poorly marketed. Someone should tell Steve Ballmer to snap Andrew Kim up before it's too late - and I could think of a dozen companies that would benefit from Kim's design portfolio.

Far too many companies design a product and over-hype it until the consumer is either bored to tears or grossly disappointed. Marketing a product should be as simple as the product you're selling and without any additional effort, I want to buy the products in Kim's portfolio. What Andrew Kim brings to the table is a sense of aesthetic design, practicality and a healthy dose of common sense.

If you can't sell a product based on those three things, it's not worth buying in the first place.