A lot of the tips, tricks, and hacks I write about on this blog are technical in nature. I'll post code snippets, lines of executible script for the command line, modifications to system files and other such adventurisms.

Some of the suggestions, tips and hacks contained in the posts on this blog can and will seriously hose your system if you do not understand what you are typing and why you are typing it.

I have 15+ years of networking experience, 14 years experience with Mac and MacOS, and about 5 years of experience with Linux on the command line. I've been using Mac OS since 2002 and have done some wild and crazy stuff. Even to this day, I make mistakes.

I cannot ethically advocate for the modification of any system without first stressing the importance of having a current set of backups should something go wrong.

By executing the suggestions and tips you read on this site, you agree to hold me harmless from any loss you experience as a result.

If you lose critical software, hardware, family photos, next quarters sales projections, lock yourself out of your computer, etc, I do not want to receive a nasty email from you because you were too lazy, stupid, or drunk to perform a proper system backup before running command line executables or scripts. This is the 21st century: computer security and disaster recovery is sole responsibility of the data owner.

Cavaet utilitor.

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