Do you know what's in that Terms of Service agreement?

When it comes to Terms of Service agreements that end users acknowledge on the some of the Internet's most popular websites, let's face it: most of us don't read them. It's a sad but true fact in our digital age. The need to "have it now" outweighs any due diligence we must perform prior for the sake of our own privacy.

One website aims to change all that. Terms of Service, Didn't Read (TOS;DR) started in June 2012 and strives to make more transparent website Terms of Service and privacy policies. If you're on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google, use services like Steam, SoundCloud, Instagram and buy from companies like Apple, AT&T and Amazon, this site is a must-read if you care a shred about what happens to your information after you create an account.

Since TOS;DR is in its infancy, there are a great deal of popular web destinations that are listed, but many are listed as unrated. You can help change that by joining the working group (hosted by Google). For the nerds out there (like myself), there's even an IRC chat you can join (freenode IRC #tosdr) to join in the conversation.

I always preach that people should carefully read and understand any terms they need to accept before joining any web service, but I better understand why this isn't possible. Hopefully with tools such as TOS;DR, this can become an easier task so the average netizen understands the contract they're making - sometimes with the devil.

Source: Putting An End To The Biggest Lie On The Internet | TechCrunch