Follow-up to my post slamming Apple

I guess in all fairness (like, who ever told you the world was fair...), I should post some kind of follow-up to my recent post slamming Apple's billing practices with my iPod Touch.

I finally did get the Touch.  I had to buy it at Walmart.  I finally did get my money back and stayed back on my card after the second unauthorized transaction.  I didn't trust going back to the Apple Store online again, so I broke down and just bought it at Walmart.  The point is I have one (had it for a while now actually) and don't regret it.  It's a lot nicer than my old 4GB 2nd generation Nano.

On a lighter note, I also recently acquired a new(er) dual USB 12" iBook to replace my older Pismo PowerBook.  The PBook was just getting to be too much maintenance for my liking.  When I have to spend more time doing file maintenance rather than creating the files, it's time to switch.  So I purchased the iBook I'm posting this on right now.  It's actually much nicer than I would have thought any 12" 'Book to be.  And for the price ($270 incl. s+h), it was a good deal I thought.