Foursquare helps cover my laptop

Foursquare is one of those brands that I am an active user of and one I avidly support. Granted, I had to actually pay to get these stickers for my laptop, but the $5.99 price on the Foursquare store was well worth the cost to support one of my favorite brands. I wish more Philly brands supported this kind of grass-roots initiative. I would gladly pay a small fee just to be able to represent some local brands - although I think my deal is a pretty good offer already.

If you represent or know of a local Philadelphia tech business or startup looking to get their brand "out there", please drop me a line at and I will gladly discuss how I can help. There is still room on my laptop to display your brand!

Without further adieu, here are the latest photos of the added Foursquare sticker.