Fuck The MPAA

I'm beginning to think that FSR was ahead (way ahead) of their time. Lyrics to the song Fuck The MPAA especially ring true with SOPA still up for debate in the House committee. If you're not easily offended by off-color four-letter words, give this track a listen. With all the debate over SOPA and PIPA bound to start up again in early 2012, it's more important than ever to keep our eyes on the prize and remind our elected officials that the MPAA and RIAA don't control the Internet... and never really have.

Fuck The MPAA.mp3 (download)

They got dollar signs in their fuckin' eyes, With heads in-between politicians' thighs,
Fat checks endorsed by senators that lie,
Pullin' fake dollar losses straight outta the sky,
And I don't trust trusted computing,
They don't want it around to stop looting,
The internet is the only place you're still free,
If you disagree, just you wait and see,
You wanna lock down the web and throw away the key?
Well, you better not touch my fuckin' technology,
So back the fuck off or you're fuckin' dead,
Yellin' 1337 on a motherfuckin' fed.