Get A Clue Mr. Daisey

With the voracity that Mike Daisey has displayed in going after Apple, you would think that he would have some clue about the situation. His latest blog post is a grotesque display of admitting he's wrong while still trying to prove he is right overall. What Daisey doesn't seem to get is that there are plenty of other corporations that derive their products - in whole or in part - from Foxconn plants, but he fails to mention them in the same way he does Apple.

In one instance during his post, Mr. Daisey lambasts the audience as mindless sheep who are focusing on his indiscretion over the real issue of rights violations. In the same post, he has the audacity to use a quote which Steve Jobs himself borrowed during his first keynote speech after returning from his first leave of absence - all without proper attribution.

Quite frankly, Mr. Daisey is a charlatan and a shameless self-promoter, to which no agenda is as important as his own personal brand. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the next iteration of Michael Moore for the tech world.