Get a Grip About Siri

It seems like in a mad dash for the iPhone 4S's killer new feature - Siri - people have forgotten that the feature has a spiffy one-word disclaimer associated with it: beta.

Most people seem to have forgotten that the feature is still in a testing period and Apple is looking for ways to improve it's capabilities.  Beta software is frequently missing popular features, compatibilities or final enhancements that final release software should normally have.  Remember Gmail?  Google kept that software in beta for many years and no one complained too much.

There are plenty of other things that Siri isn't capable of completing a search for.  Try using the search phrase "tool store".  It won't complete because it doesn't associate the phrase "tool store" with hardware stores.  While this may seem idiotic, think about it for a minute.  Who calls it a tool store?

A lot has been made of the recent transgression of not being able to find an abortion clinic using Siri.  Is that really the kind of search you want to do on your smartphone anyway?  It's a far cry from Googling that kind of personal information to physically speaking it into your phone.  Not to mention that this isn't what Siri was designed to do.  Most people don't get abortions like they ask for a restaurant, so why would you want to search for this kind of information from your phone anyway.  And with all the controversy over Carrier IQ lately, is that really the kind of information you would potentially want your carrier to know about you?  That prospect itself is a little creepy.

I think before we start to condemn Apple for developing a product some claim to be "anti-feminist", we examine just how asinine we are in using our smartphones.  Despite the flash associated with Apple products, it is virtually impossible for Apple to create something that appeases everyone's tastes 100% of the time.  After all, that's why there's still Windows computers and Android tablets.  It's also a far cry from not being able to perform a certain search to then launch into some sort of conspiracy theory about how Apple is against the rights of women everywhere.  If Apple committed a serious error against it's customers or some egregious action against humanity, I would be the first person to say so.  But in this case, I think it's unwarranted.

Regardless if the technology comes from Apple, Google or Microsoft, I think a little prior restraint is in order.  Some things are better left to a Google search or Yellow Pages.  Better yet, ask your doctor.