Get a iPhone, iPad or MacBook for Christmas? Protect it with Find My iPhone.

If you found a shiny new iDevice or Apple laptop under your tree or in your stocking this morning, be sure to protect it with Find My iPhone.

Despite its name, the app isn't just for the iPhone. You can also install the application on your iPad, iPod touch and your MacBook Air or Pro (the feature is built into OS X Lion under the iCloud system preference pane. Simply connect it to an existing Apple ID or iCloud email address and you'll be good to go. I frequently check this app since I have a bad habit of leaving my iPhone in the car, and I freak out when it's not in my pocket. I always reassure myself by checking this app, but it's a good way to track a lost device due to forgetfulness or thievery.

To everyone reading my blog on this Christmas, I wish you a very happy and healthy holiday.