Hacking Yosemite To Use The New San Francisco Font

Many of you who have an Apple Watch know that the Apple's preferred system font will be changing from Helvetica Neue to a redesigned version of San Francisco. Being the font of choice on the watch, it's expected to come to the next iteration of OS X and iOS 9. Until it does, you can use a handy hack in Yosemite to update your system font to San Francisco. Here's how:

  1. Visit the GitHub repository to grab the font.
  2. In Finder, press ⌘↑G to display the Go To Folder dialog window. Type ~/Library/Fonts and click Go.
  3. Extract the fonts from the zip file you previously downloaded. Drag them into the ~/Library/Fonts window you opened in Step 2.
  4. Log out of your OS X user profile and back in. In some rare instances, you may need to restart your Mac (I did, but this shouldn't be necessary).

Voila. You're system is now using the new San Francisco font. I'm told that this looks exceptional on Retina displays, however, my Air doesn't have a Retina screen so I'll have to take the word on the street for it. Should you choose to revert your system back to the standard Helvetica Neue (why, oh why would you want to?), simply remove the files you added in Step 3.

Happy modding!