How to Check Your Ghost Blog Version

It seems that in trying to find the version of my core Ghost install, I haven't found any published posts on the Interwebs about where to look. Fortunately, noodling around in my Ghost install on my Linux box proved fruitful.

The information I sought was in the package.json file, which stores all the production version numbers of core Ghost and dependancies for when node.js is updated. To find the information, simply open the package.json file from the command line:

view /var/www/yourghostdirectory/package.json  

Using view will open the package.json file in read-only mode and prevent you from accidentially modifying the file. Once the document opens in vi, review the beginning of the document. It should look something like this:

    "name"        : "ghost",
    "version"     : "0.5.0",
    "description" : "Just a blogging platform.",
    "author"      : "Ghost Foundation",
    "homepage"    : "",

Provided you haven't done anything crazy, like updating the file manually, you should find the "version" :"0.x.x", line, which will indicate your currently running version.

Of course, you can also open the file in a text editor from your favorite FTP client, but what fun is that?

This is extremely helpful if you haven't updated your core Ghost install in a while and you've forgotten which version you're actually running. You might not be as behind as you think, or you might discover you're several versions behind.

Happy updating!