IE 6? Really?


Yes.  You read that correctly.  Where I work, Internet Explorer (or Exploder, as I prefer) version 6 is the only approved version of web browser we're allowed to use.

Only approved browser.


Yea... that's what I said.  With the amount of web-based programs we use in our department (approximately 30) we need to keep running, you'd think they'd allow us to run something with - oh, I don't know... TABS?.  Ever heard of a tabbed browser, I.T.?

Considering they've fired all the hard-working Americans that use to be in our I.T. department and outsourced their jobs to Panama (no joke, I've called our helpdesk in the past week), I don't anticipate things changing any time soon.  All of our support staff were forced to either re-apply with Dell (some of which have spent 30+ years with the company) or had to seek employment elsewhere.  Bottom line: Our I.T. department no longer has company associates on site for assistance: you have to call some place in another country, to have the ticket sent back to someone in the United States who is in another state, for them to work the request.

What douchebag thought that one up?  Let's stop the trend of outsourcing our I.T. staff to other countries and keep them right here in the United States where they belong.  Companies like Dell should be ashamed they aren't employing Americans during this time of financial uncertainty.

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