Indy Hall and Wildbit are the first to help cover my laptop

The first of the stickers are in and congratulations are in order for Indy Hall and Wildbit for being the first brands to have their logos emblazoned upon my 13" MacBook Pro!

Indy Hall is a wildly popular coworking space for independent workers . Located at 22 North 3rd St, in the heart of the city's Old City section, Indy Hall brings together Philly's most creative minds in an environment that is ideal for collaboration.

Wildbit enclosed two stickers: one for each of their current projects. Beanstalk is an app right out of a dev's dream, aiding in the development and subversioning of web apps with a bevy of collaboration aids. Postmark gives you some groovy insight into the emails your web apps are sending out.

Many thanks to Alex Hillman for graciously participating in my crowdsourcing adventure. You rock!

If you're interested in getting your brand seen on my laptop, just drop me a line at or send me a tweet. I'd love to hear from you!

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Source: Calling all Philly tech brands: help me cover this laptop! ยป The Classic Yuppie