iPad Rumors Have Gotten Completely Out Of Hand

It's official: the iPad rumors have gotten completely out of hand. Why would Apple want to fragment their existing market of iDevices by releasing yet another device in its lineup? What's the point? Do you really think Apple is going to release a device just to appease Asian consumers as Hayley Tsukayama makes the case for in her Washington Post article?

Second, as Ian Song of IDC pointed out when the new iPad hit shelves in March, the full-sized tablet is too big for many consumers in Asia, one of the company’s biggest growth markets.

The article goes on to say that smaller form-factor tablets are easier to use while "standing on a bus" or waiting for a train.

Perfect! Just want I want: a smaller, more portable device that will be even easier for some low-life to steal from me the second the train doors open. I don't see Apple selling a smaller version of its existing iPad at $199 or any other price point.

It seems that those willing to speculate on Apple, if they truly knew anything about the company, would believe the company would be more inclined to offer a full-featured Apple Television in the near future, considering the strides they've taken to incorporate Retina display technology into the iPhone, then iPad, and now, the 15" MacBook Pro. It seems that it's only a matter of time until Apple incorporates this technology into its current line of Cinema Displays and the building a television for the home theater junkies in their audience.

A television with 3 million more pixels than a standard HDTV, with equal-to or better power consumption than competing models? Now that's a rumor worth talking about.