Is Twitter becoming a walled garden?

With Twitter kicking out yet another popular web service, it begs the question: Are we headed for a paradigm shift in the way microblogging works?

Since its inception, analysts in the business world have been wondering how Twitter might capitalize on its groundbreaking success. Much like how Facebook has chosen to monetize its site, the emphasis and the obvious choice would be for Twitter to introduce advertisement. To some degree, they have already done this with sponsored tweets appearing on and changing their Terms of Service some time ago to include verbiage allowing injection of advertisement into your tweet stream and other places throughout the service, at Twitter's discretion.

But a more striking trend has been happening as of late: Twitter has revised its API with rules that could be used to restrict the way third-party Twitter clients and other web services interface with the popular microblogging platform. Instagram was the first service to fall victim to this changeover and now it seems Tumblr has been affected as well.

The question remains as to whether this change in how Twitter conducts business will benefit it over the long term. I suspect they wouldn't be forcing out the services that are interdependent to the social media ecosystem unless they had a plan to bolster the service. It is a move to strengthen its position with advertisers? Only time will tell, but it's looking more and more like Twitter is becoming the walled garden of microblogging platforms, and I'm not sure that is in a strong enough position to sell its wares to the public quite yet.

Source: Tumblr Next Property After Instagram to Remove Twitter Friend-Finding