Live Stream Tonight: Foursquare - Where are you?

Foursquare is one of the most popular location-based services allowing users to check-in, take and share photos, leave tips, and more. It is a great way to learn about a business and to get a brief understanding of what other people think of the establishment. Whether visiting the mall or your favorite restaurants, foursquare is a great way to share content and to learn about a business. But how are power users using the service?

During this Google+ Hangout, I'll be apart of a panel that will introduce the service to new users, help existing users learn more about the service, current best practices and how to optimize your check-ins. Also learn more about being a super user and what the different levels mean.

I invite you to join Ricky Potts, Sheryl Hugill, Luke Stark, Scotty Byerly and myself for what is sure to be an exceptional conversation about the most popular location-based check-in service on the planet! The stream starts at 9pm EDT (until 11pm) and will be broadcast live at If you'd like to submit a comment or question, you can do so on Twitter by using the hashtag #4squarechat.