Mizzle: A great replacement for your stock weather app on iOS

I seem to be a sucker for good weather apps on my iPhone. I did a roundup some time ago when I had my iPhone 4S, but since upgrading to the 5S, I've found a new appreciation for both the hardware improvements and the upsize in screen real estate.

The refinements in Apple's weather app under iOS 7 are much improved in the latest iteration. At a glance you can gauge the weather in up to 6 locations at a time, replete with subtle animations of the current weather conditions. However, it can be a bit on the 'information overload' side.

I happened to be scrolling through the new apps category in the iOS App Store when I stumbled across Mizzle. Mizzle is one of those apps that when you see it for the first time, it's a breath of fresh air. It's clean interface affords it the ability to stand out with the developer's selection of delicate fonts that are easy on the eyes, but bring a certain signature style to the table. Immediately when you open the app you get a clean interface displaying your current location, quick weather condition, a pictogram of the weather condition and the temperature. If you're curious to know other weather details - humidity, sunrise/sunset, chance of precipitation, 4-hour forecast and wind direction/speed - simply swipe up. You even have the option of changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius on the fly. Swiping down will refresh to the latest weather information. If it's a multi-day forecast you're interested in, a quick swipe to the left will present you with a 9-day forecast (obtained through an in-app purchase to unlock - keep reading for details).

One of the best features is when you swipe left. This pulls up a search bar that you can enter in traditional search coordinates - like city and state - or you can search by contact name. Searching by contact name will result in a list of matching iPhone contacts. The only thing I'm not clear on is how it chooses an address when there is more than one listed for a given contact, such is the case with a contact with both a home and work address. Insofar as I can tell, Mizzle doesn't allow you the option to pick which address you want to use in searching for the weather. A cool addition in the future would be to allow access to Find My Friends information so you can easily pull up to date location information for your close friends and pull the weather conditions accordingly. Say for example, your friend Amanda likes to travel a lot. You might not know that they've left for Paris for a week-long stay, but by searching for them in the contacts pane of Mizzle, you can instantly see the weather conditions based on their real-time location. Currently, there is no way to do this, however it would be a really cool feature to consider adding.

Mizzle retails for the low cost of free in the iOS App Store. If you want to unlock the search features, it will cost you an extra 99ยข. All in all, it's a terrifically written weather app and it's completely replaced the stock weather app provided by default in iOS 7. You can visit get.mizzleapp.com from your iPhone to grab it today.