Mophie and Rocketfish Battery Cases Impacted by Recall

Interesting story on Macworld from yesterday that I seem to have missed.  Apparently both Mophie and Rocketfish (Best Buy) battery cases for the iPhone and iPod touch are being recalled due to overheating issues.

Mophie says it has received 110 reports of the case becoming warm to the touch, 44 reports of the case becoming deformed due to heat, and nine reports of minor burns. Only cases with serial numbers beginning “TR113” through “TR120” are subject to the recall.

I have one of the Mophies myself and I'll be comparing the serial numbers tonight to find out if I'm impacted by the recall.  I'm not going to mess returning it to the Apple Store, since I doubt Apple will take a loss on a product that will easily be swapped out by the manufacturer.  If it's a "one-in-and-one-out" scenario, a third-party retailer is still due their money.  Especially since Apple is famous for it's disclaimer on selling non-Apple branded merchandise.