My Brighthouse saga continues...

So Cryssy called Brighthouse yesterday just to be told they're going to send out yet another tech who will probably just swap out the box.

Brighthouse - does one market not share it's press releases with another market? The issues I am experiencing are related to well-documented, well-known issues other BH subscribers in Florida and the Carolinas are experiencing. I'm also willing to bet that I am not the only customer in Indiana that is experiencing this issue. You have a Twitter account at @BHNinsider, which I have attempted to contact about this problem and was completely ignored. Frankly, Brighthouse, your customer service sucks.

I'm sorry if I seem a little bitter, however this is not the first, second or fourth time I've called them about this. This is the sixth time! SIXTH!! Why do I need to call that many times and I still don't have my problem solved?

It is in excusable and I want an explanation. I shouldn't have to call that many times just to be put off by another tech who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Simply admit the shortcomings of the software on your boxes, give the subscribers impacted a discount on their service until the problem can be fixed (permanently) and that should appease most of your customer base that feels screwed.

I'll post more after I speak with the tech coming on Friday between 4pm and 6pm.