Not Sure How Happy I Am With GoDaddy Ads on Revision3 Shows

I'm not sure how happy I am with GoDaddy ads still showing on Revision3 shows. Isn't GoDaddy the same company that, until very recently, supported SOPA, a bill that could damage the kind of content production that Revision3 is in the very business of producing? I first noticed the ads when watching the show Ask Jay, a show about entrepreneurism and startups hosted by Revision3 founder Jay Adelson

Screen Shot 2011 12 27 at 11 46 37 PM

(Note: I've edited out the promo codes in the above screenshot.)

It's a little disingenuous when you have Revision3 personalities like Veronica Belmont going on Tech News Today discussing SOPA when the network she is producing content for is supporting GoDaddy (her show Techzilla frequently showcases ads from GoDaddy). I'm not singling her out, for shows like Ask Jay and formerly Diggnation showcased ads for GoDaddy, as well as Revision3's website (see screen cap above) are clear indications that Revision3 are steering their fan base in GoDaddy's direction.

If people are so willing to apply the standard of guilt by association to Apple (via the BSA), then the same standard should apply to Revision3 in showcasing ads for GoDaddy. What's good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Put simply, Revision3 needs to pull GoDaddy ads or I will be boycotting their network.