Optimized cables for any tech solution

Recently I've gotten more immersed in the home theater experience. With a 42" plasma TV at my disposal, I really want to take advantage of all the high-definition programming and movies I can get my hands on. The issue that obviously arises when you start putting together a home theater system is that the quality of the image or sound is only as good as both the equipment and the connections. Most of the components in a home theater system are very picked over - people usually know what they want: a certain number of inputs, outputs and inter-connectivity options for iPods and other accessories. Where most people forget to pay special attention is the cables.

When it comes to purchasing home audio/video and data, there are two camps: those hardcore buyers that will only purchase the most expensive cables and those that will cheap out and buy bare bones equipment to save on cost. For those of you who are begging for a middle-ground I have a solution: Optimized Cable Company.

These folks are perfectionists when it comes to superior audio, video and data cables. Made with a thick-shielded outer shell, each cable is designed to last years in your existing set up. The cables I tested were a 6' HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable for video transfer between my HD cable box and my plasma TV and a 6' DVI (Digital Video Interface) cable for a second display running from my iMac in my home office.

I was immediately impressed with the construction as I removed the cables from their packaging. Touch the cable for the first time and you can literally feel the superior construction. Gold-plated tips are standard on every cable and will keep from corroding over time. Any home theater enthusiast can tell you that the faster your cables corrode, the faster you lose the optimum picture quality. The biggest difference I noticed, however, was... nothing.

That's right. The biggest difference in audio and video quality is absolutely nothing. The same quality you get from mass production giants such as Monster and Belkin you can get from Optimized Cable Company for a fraction of the cost. This is the biggest difference between them and the 'other guys'. The cost savings only get better over time, as the quality constructed cables are built to last even in the darkest, moisture-rich areas of your home. Compare for example the Monster 1000hd Ultra-High Speed HDMI Cable (MC 1000HD-2M) to OCC's Ultra-High Speed HDMI cable. Both cables offer 120Hz refresh rates, 10.2Gbps data transfer rate, 16-bit color representation and lossless 8-channel digital audio (handy for those of you who love your 7.1 home theater audio systems). What's the difference between the two cables? The name. In this case, the name dictates the price. Monster charges $129.99 for their 6' version via their website. The same cable through OCC's website is $12.99. That's right, it's not a typo. Optimized Cable Company literally charge a tenth of the price when comparing the exact same items through their respective websites.

The support they provide relative to the cost of the items is superb. Although, I haven't had the need to test this theory thankfully, they will repair or replace a faulty cable at no cost for the life of the item. No questions asked. No lengthy forms to fill out and less time spent waiting for a replacement. Sure Monster offers the same service, but for 10 times more on the purchase price.

In addition to offering a fine selection of home audio/video cables and computer data cables, it should be noted that they sell cables and accessories for your Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

Take it from me, if you're into home theatre, high-tech computer gadgetry or you're a gamer or an audiophile, check out Optimized Cable Company at www.optimization-world.com for your next cable purchase and save hundreds of dollars without sacrificing quality.