Gets A Facelift

It seems that Philly's official website has gotten a much needed facelift. Although their last attempt at a redesign was decent at best, this new design seems to really have the city's digital citizens in mind. In a recent post by Yael Borofsky on Technically Philly:

Aside from a cleaner, more appealing look, the biggest improvements to the site are the navigation — designed to be more user centric — and the new ‘Topics’ section, Adel Ebeid, Chief Innovation Officer for the City told Technically Philly. Ebeid said these updates are intended “to demystify the workings of the city and puts it in a form that city constituents can understand.”

I welcome these changes and anything else that can be done help our citizens benefit from city services. Getting important information from our city government is a crucial step to improving the lives of those who use these services. Coming from a city that has a wealth of tech startups yet local government rarely calls taps that resource to improve the city, it's refreshing to see a much larger city take those same steps to help improve access to vital government services.

It also helps when major ISPs offer city-wide wifi hotspots so you never have to hunt for an Internet connection.