Philly Geek Awards '12 Nominees Announced and a Suggestion

This year's Philadelphia Geek Awards nominees have been posted.

We also opened up the categories to take in suggestions for the public. Thanks to you and your passionate emails, we pooled together over 100 pages of nominees. Yes, you heard me. ONE HUNDRED PAGES. Thank you so much. - From Philadelphia Geek Awards 2012: Nominees Announced! via Geekadelphia.

Head over to and get a sneak peak of what's to come on August 17th. My only suggestion is that Eric Smith consider adding one category for next year's awards: Tech Writer of the Year. I don't say this to be nominated in that category (although, I admit it would be an honor), but rather because I feel tech journalism is a lost art with so much of it done poorly. I would love to see this category introduced with anyone from the region who writes a tech blog or published column being eligible for a nomination.

Without the fine folks who evangelize those behind so much of our generation's tech magic, much of how it works and what it does would be left up to the consumer to decipher.