Playing around with Github Pages

Fooling around online a few weeks back (as I so often do), I came across Github Pages, which allows you to host a website on Github for those comfortable with git, in nerd-popular blogging platforms such as Jekyll, or web app platforms like Yeoman and Electron.

As such, I decided to spend a weekend messing around with some code and a few hours later I had a functional landing page I can use on my Twitter account and similar social networks. And it was relatively easy to do with some basic HTML and CSS knowledge. I've been doing some work with Sass at my day job, so I might wind up refactoring the theme stylesheet at some point, making things much more organized.

You can check it out at, and if you like the theme, you can fork the project to your own Github account and tweak it to your heart's desire. Be sure to submit a pull request when you're done!

Happy forking!