Regis McKenna On (Among Other Things), Antenna-gate

It's interesting to see the brain of Apple's first marketing consultant picked over the early days of marketing the company. In a recent interview with Ad Age, McKenna details how he advised Jobs to handle the negative press Apple received over the issue surrounding the antennae in the iPhone 4:

I looked at the data, which was really interesting. They had more complaints and service calls on the phone before it than they did on the iPhone 4. Because of that, I did not think it was a significant problem. I thought it was a media-cycle issue and that they should address it with the data they had and be confident about the outcome rather than be apologetic.

I think most people would have otherwise attributed the fact that the issue "went away" because of Job's reality distortion field. I think that while it may have had something to do with it, it in fact had very little impact on how the situation was handled.