Restoring a PowerBook G3

I started on the Mac OS back in 2002. My first laptop was a PowerBook G3, affectionally known by its project code name, Wallstreet. About a year after I got it, it started to show its resentment to the way I was taking care of it (or lack thereof), by failing to start up and its battery wasn't holding a proper charge. I later discovered that it was due to cracked soldering points on the DC inverter/sound card board. This was caused by my usage of it on my bed, angling the laptop so that it was inadvertently resting on the spot where the charge cable would connect to the port.

PB G3 cropped

Flash forward about a dozen-and-one years to 2013 and I'm finding myself in a position to undertake a new project. I found my old Wallstreet just as I left it: in a pile of circuit boards, case shells and screws. After performing a little research on eBay I decided that it would be fairly cost-effective to restore the PowerBook to its former glory. There are only three parts I need to get it back to working order:

  • A new DC inverter/sound board
  • A new hard drive sled
  • A new hard drive connector

The hard drive sled (obviously) holds the hard drive in securely in place. The hard drive connector provides a data bus connection from the drive to the motherboard.

I ordered the parts last Thursday and they should arrive on either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. It will be nice to restore my first Mac back to its former glory. Given the sentimental value it has to me, I might consider using it to draft blog posts on and do other writing as sort of digital-age typewriter. At almost 10 pounds, it's not exactly the most portable of my Macintoshes.

We shall see.