Review: Mizco iEssentials Tangle-Free USB Cable for iPhone 4/4S

This past weekend I went to go plug in my iPhone while working at a local Starbucks. Much to my dismay, I realized I didn't have one. I'm one who doesn't like being caught with my proverbial pants down when it comes to dying device batteries. Seeing my iPhone slip below 10% without any way of charging it was nerve-racking. Like many people, my phone is my lifeline and without it, I feel cut off from the world. I vowed never to let this happen again.

In my search for a charging cable, I decided to improve my experience with past cables. For one, I hated the fact that I had to buy a 6-foot cable for something that will mainly stay stationary on my desk. While my iPhone is my lifeline, I connect mostly through email, text messages, Twitter and Facebook, and seldom do I take or place a phone call. Finally, I needed something that is durable and can stand up to the abuse I put my mobile electronics through. The last thing I wanted was to pay $30 for a charge cable that will tangle up, become filthy and fray in a matter of a few months.

I decided to search my local Micro Center for a cable that met both of these requirements. My first instinct was to visit the Apple section - which was met with great disappointment. Leaving the store in almost-destitute state, my eyes fell on the Mizco iEssentials Tangle-Free USB cable for iPhone 4/4S.

This 4-inch wonder might be small, but it's perfect for the mobile warrior. When they say tangle-free, they're not kidding: the internal wires are wrapped in a braiding that keeps the innards from tangling up with repeated coiling. Actually, this cable is so short, there's no coiling necessary. I just tuck it into a pouch in my laptop bag and go. It's small and flat enough to take up virtually no space at all.

The cable retails on the manufacturer's website for $14.99, which is a bit pricey in my opinion. However, I was able to pick it up at Micro Center for $9.99, which is still at the high end of what I might pay for such a cable. Because of the solid construction and the fact it just looks awesome, I felt it was worth the price marked and decided to purchase it and I haven't been disappointed.

If you're in the market for an emergency charge cable for your iPhone 4/4S, I suggest checking this little number out. As long as you don't expect to take phone calls with it plugged in (save for maybe on a Bluetooth earpiece), it should fit your requirements very nicely.