Does charging your iPad bug you?

Keeping my laptop charged up while I'm on the go is one thing - I'm usually hovering near a power outlet while I'm at my favorite coffeehouse - but when I want to charge up multiple devices, it's more of a hassle. I have my iPhone, iPad, several thumbnail drives and the occasional USB hard drive with me and with only two USB 2.0 ports on my MacBook Pro, it can be a real hassle to use and charge my devices while I'm away from my home office.

The saving grace is TwelveSouth's PlugBug. This little red brick slides onto the end of your 45, 60, or 85-watt power adapter in a similar fashion to the adapter's extension cord and two-prong tip. It has a two-prong tip itself, allowing you to plug it into any North American-type power outlet. Having a 2.1-amp service enables you to charge up your iPad as well as your iPhone. The best part is that you can switch back and forth without worrying you'll damage your iPhone with too much juice - the PlugBug is smart enough to know how much power to supply.

The big advantage of the PlugBug is that it allows charging independent of your laptop. Your devices will no longer have to vie for the attention of your MacBook Pro's USB ports in order of how drained their batteries are. If you're around the town without your laptop in tow, simply snap in the cover piece included and you'll have endless hours of charging in a small form-factor.

I would like to see some updates in the future to this handy piece of hardware, namely: an additional USB port (2 total would be nice), possibly some color options (blue and green would be nice) and for our travel fiends and International friends, an option of different plugs so you can use the PlugBug overseas.

Unless you have a ton of gear you connect to your laptop while you're mobile, the PlugBug is more of a convenience item. If you're a road warrior like I am, it's an essential add-on to your bag that you'll quickly wonder how you were able to live without. It retails in red (only color) for $34.99 USD at big-box tech retailers and online.