Screw scandal: three questions for Lukasz Lindell

With the recent screw scandal that's come out over the Internet regarding a fictitious reporting that Apple might be changing its screw head design on the next generation iPhone, I shot off a few questions to the creator of the original Reddit post, Lukasz Lindell, to put things in perspective.

Q: What gave you the ideal to plant the seeds of what has become a pretty interesting hoax?

A: Over time we have seen lots of things like this take fire on the Internet, some more serious than others. As an active person in social media, I also get dubious facts presented to me very often, but I always try to question them. When I do so, the discussion dies almost every time, people doesn't seem too interested with the truth. Thats why we wanted to do this, to see how critical people are, and then try to get an discussion around it.

Q: Did you pick Apple completely out of convenience or was there something more involved in your selection?

A: First thing that came in mind, people are very eager in the matters around Apple, so we figured this would get the best result.

Q: Given that this singular seed of misinformation was so easily construed as fact rather than fiction, do you think that online news sites and blogs should have a more robust way of vetting their sources? Do you feel this creates an industry-wide cloud of doubt as to the reliability of tech news blogs and others acting as tech news journalists?

A: This is one thing many seem to misunderstand, the aim for this isn't really the newspapers or blogs, they did nothing wrong here since they all said it was an unconfirmed rumor. I think it is more important that the receivers, end users, readers start to get critical minded, because it is them/we that has the power to really get these kinds of rumors going.