Shutting Down Facebook's Annoying Emails

In an effort to ramp up my efforts of Inbox Zero, I've decided that Facebook is giving me way too much bacon (although it seems like spam, since I don't remember opting into email communications).  I decided I needed to purge the amount of emails I get from Facebook, since I operate a fan page for this site, plus I am a member of two private groups there, not to mention the amount of comments I leave on status posts.  It's becoming too much!

If you're curious what kinds of email notifications Facebook has signed you up for, you can check this by going to your Account Settings under the Home dropdown menu (upper right-hand corner).  In the resulting screen, you'll want to click Notifications on the left menu (third option down), and it will display everything you're opted in for as far as emails. 

As it turns out, I had about 40 different things between Facebook and third-party applications that I didn't know were set to send me emails. Ugh!  Since I am frequently signed in on a computer to, plus I receive notifications via Facebook for iPhone and iPad, I really don't need a fourth medium to tell me I have a wall post waiting for me to view.  I turned all my email notifications off and I now have less inbox clutter to deal with. 

Inbox Zero has never been easier a goal to fulfill.