SOPA Markup Cancelled For Tomorrow

Looks like SOPA supporters on Capitol Hill got cold feet about tomorrow's session, according to Boing Boing.

Tomorrow's special session of the House Judiciary Committee to finish markup on the Stop Online Piracy act have been summarily cancelled. Either they saw the mounting opposition and freaked out and decided to negotiate; or they saw the opposition and figured that they could wait it out; or something else altogether.

We can only hope that this is the start of common sense and reasoning with supporters of the legislation.  However, seeing as that most of them are politicians, I'm not holding my breath. I'm willing to bet this is a stall tactic designed to "wait it out" until after the holidays when American's usually get fat and happy off their complacency.  Let's not forget to send a message to our respective members of the House Judiciary Committee the first day back for Congress.