Spam Emails From Social Media Experts? Who'd Have Thought?

Earlier today, I decided to treat a spammy email as a one-off and simply send a tweet to @DKNewMedia to bring the error of sending me a spammy marketing email to their attention. Anyone in social media worth their salt knows how to track their brand and monitor how it's mentioned on social media - Twitter queries and Google Alerts just to name a few. However, this tweet seems to have not garnered even the slightest, "We apologize for the error," in reply.

Screen Shot 2012 03 21 at 9 47 09 PM

For a brand that is so die-hard on self promotion and blogging about their social media prowess, it's a real shame that they couldn't take the time to acknowledge their error. A simple apology and a promise to correct the error would have been enough to satisfy me. I guess their attitude is that if my name is on their list, it must be because I submitted it. Yet, it is even more puzzling when you consider the fact that the email address that was solicited is my personal address which I have and would never use to subscribe to such things, nor was it even created and in use until October of last year. What's more, I'm pretty sure anyone in the Indy social media/marketing scene that I've come in contact with over the past two years knows how I feel about the fraud they perpetrate and as such, really should know better than to spam me like this.

Screen Shot 2012 03 21 at 9 34 31 PM

If this is how self-proclaimed down-to-earth marketing/social media experts attempt to attract clients and market their brand, they can all go to hell. I want no part of a subset within an industry that uses sleazy tactics to aid in the growth of their bottom line. If you want me to shut my mouth about this, the solution is simple: stop spamming me.