Speaking of Small Minds...

Just noticed the nice self-righteous dig at non-Hoosiers on the 2011 Indiana Social Media Summit voting page.  The self-proclaimed social media elite have some nerve accusing East and West coasters of douchebaggery when it comes to social media.


"Let's keep this a clean smackdown."  Really? Making fun of those outside your 'circle of trust' is clean? And by the way, it's "west" not "left" coast (learn your geography). Putting it the way you did only brings your self-aggrandizing behavior into it. I'd ask you to level the playing field, but we all know you don't want a fair fight. You don't want anyone to actually challenge the status quo you've established, because people might expose you for the frauds, which in reality, you are.

It's a shame that people who are actually good at social media and preach about it in an ethical manner can't even get nominated because they're not a member of this good ol' boys/girls club.  I know I've seen these names on the nomination ballot in previous years, but since the ballots from previous years aren't kept public (only the winners can be researched).

Here's the ballot from the 2010 nominations - http://www.formstack.com/forms/harechevy-indianasinauguralsocialmediasummitsmackdownfinalballotcopy

Not to mention you can't even go back and do a Google search for the ballots in 2009 and previous years.  Transparency much?  This is all part of the phony social media expert mentality that grips the online elite in this city.  You want to know why they call it the Circle City? It's because everyone takes care of everyone else that's inside the circle.  Anyone not fortunate enough to be inside the circle doesn't exist.

So much for Hoosier hospitality.