Surprise, Surprise: GoDaddy Still Supports SOPA

According to a post by TechCrunch's Devin Coldeway, GoDaddy's statement denouncing support for SOPA was merely a calculated PR move designed to keep the company from losing a large chunk of it's revenue stream.

Adelman couldn’t commit to changing its position on the record in Congress when asked about that, but said “I’ll take that back to our legislative guys, but I agree that’s an important step.” But when pressed, he said “We’re going to step back and let others take leadership roles.” He felt that the public statement removing their support would be sufficient for now, though further steps would be considered.

Looks like Adelman and GoDaddy are more concerned with providing its customers lip service over actual service. Somehow, this doesn't surprise me. Glad I moved my domains away from them months ago. I knew long before SOPA that GoDaddy was the scourge of domain name registrars and now everyone else can see it for themselves.