The day Encarta died

This week in tech, Encarta - Microsoft's attempted at a CD-ROM based encylopedia - became extinct.

I used Compton's Encyclopedia for the longest time.  It's amazing that in the span of two years (1993 to 1995), all of the millions of dollars invested into this market by software companies went to waste.

In other news, a complete overhaul of NMD Live! is now taking place.  I have the main pages up, but there are still graphics and other niceties that still need to be worked on.  Those revisions should be finished by the end of this week.

Also, I should have the most recent episodes of The Tech Geek and The 2.0 Show up this evening on the site and for download.  There was more editing then normal that needed to be done.  I really need to get someone to help me with editing for all my shows so I can get these out in a more timely fashion.