The laptop stand I've spent three years looking for

Ever since I traded my iMac for a white Macbook from a Craigslister several years ago, I've been solely mobile in my computing. Being dependent on my laptop for everything, since that time, I've been searching in vain for a laptop stand that would fit in my bag as I roam to and from work and around the city of brotherly love.

The problem with most laptop stands is that despite them being used in conjunction with a mobile computer, they're not that very mobile themselves. What I desperately needed was something that was functional and could keep the underside of my MacBook Pro cool, while also being highly compact for traveling.

Enter the AviiQ Portable Laptop Stand Premium Series. This is the laptop stand I had in mind when I started my search three years ago. The entire stand packs flat to a mere 0.88 inches, allowing you to stow it cleanly in a laptop bag or backpack. When it's folded together for use it gives a perfect 12 degrees of lift, allowing you to eliminate the stress and strain of repetitive typing motions from your wrists, arms, neck and back.

Photo 3

The stand comes with a microfiber pouch, which in its own right is a hidden gem. Not only will it protect the finish of the stand from scratches from the other gear inside your bag, it also doubles as a cleaning cloth for your laptop or smartphone's screen.

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The packaging is a bit more form over function, lending itself to the side of obnoxiousness: extra cardboard, magnetic clasp on the box and wasted space give the air of old-school Apple packaging and it's really beyond comprehension in these days of reduce-reuse-recycle. The only downside to the stand itself is that it's not conducive to actually using your laptop on your lap.

These minor annoyances aside, the AviiQ Portable Laptop Stand Premium Series is a product that is a must-have for my laptop bag. I can't imagine being without it in the office, at the coffee shop or where ever else my work takes me. According to AviiQ's website, it retails or $79.99, however, I picked mine up at Micro Center for $49.99 - a heck of a steal if you ask me. Color options are black, silver, titanium (mine) and white, for those of you who love your polycarbonate MacBooks.