The Modern Yuppie

This past Sunday, the New York Times posted a great article about the modern-day yuppie by Teddy Wayne:

While there is certainly something more admirable, and typically less noxious, about those who innovate ideas and services than those who place bets and structure deals, let’s call it what it is. No matter how fervently techies and entrepreneurs claim they want to “change the world” (see any episode of “Shark Tank”), far fewer of them would be in the disruption game if the potential profits weren’t world-changing as well. The lovable millennial bumblers on “Silicon Valley” may be scruffy and genuinely passionate about coding, but their goal — making money and leveraging power — is quintessentially yuppie, even if their social skills aren’t.

I figured I'd share this, since the name of my blog gets frequent questions and stares from people asking me where I write. While most people who read my blog get it, some don't. It is for them I share this.