Think Apple Supports SOPA? Check Your Facts

Not sure where the rumor that Apple supports SOPA started, but honestly, the Apple haters really should check their facts before spewing the garbage rumors all over the Internet.

Apple, as well as Microsoft, Intuit, Intel, Dell and many others are members of the Business Software Alliance (BSA), which until very recently supported the Stop Online Piracy Act, currently under markup in the House Judiciary Committee. The whole "guilt by association" theme that these rumor mongers are using as their logic just doesn't fly. That's like saying that if the Better Business Bureau supported the death penalty for shoplifters that every business who is a member of the BBB also supports it.

I get that there is mass anger at GoDaddy for supporting SOPA, and rightfully so, but let's stop attacking companies based on a tacit (at best) association with a supporter of this legislation. Attacking tech sector businesses with weak evidence like this is only going to help spread FUD among the protestors and weaken our cause immensely. And that's what the supporters of SOPA want.

When Apple publicly comes out in support of SOPA or any bill like it now or in the future, I will be the first to condemn them. Until then, check your goddamn facts, Apple haters.