Transforming Mavericks with the Menu Bar Icons Hack

Shortly after getting my MacBook Air, I decided I wanted to customize the OS a bit more. Over the past 10 years of the same boring interface, I decided to tweak the UI a bit.

While looking for some flat, high-quality .icns files to replace some of the more basic apps included with Mavericks, I stumbled across a menu bar tweak that really breaths some fresh air into the OS.

Developed by user KillaAaron on deviantART, Menu bar icons - OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 alters the standard (boring) Lucida Grande system font to something a little more minimalist (less is more?).

Before the tweak:

After the tweak:

(Please excuse the background color, the transparency on the menu bar was turned on in the OS at the time the screenshot was taken.)

In addition to modifying the system font, Menu bar icons also offers tweaks to some core menu bar shortcuts as it's name implies. Items like volume, WiFi, date/time, and even items like VPN and Bluetooth can be modified to a slightly cleaner design.

Personally, I wasn't as much of a fan of the icon changes as I was having the system font tweaked. I find that the new font is much easier on the eyes at a smaller point size, lending to a much more minimalist feel for the OS. It even carries through to all aspects of Mavericks including details on the log in screen and in built-in apps like Messages.

This is exactly the way OS X should be: clean lines, neat sans serif font (retire Lucida Grande already) and a spacious feel. Perhaps Apple will take note of this design asthetic on it's next OS X iteration. Only time will tell.