Use your Mac keyboard on Windows

One of the reasons I use a Mac is because of the beauty and style of the hardware. When I purchase peripherals for desktops or laptops, I tend to stick with Apple products because of their form and function. I've been using Mac keyboards for so long, it's a chore (and sometimes downright painful) to use anything else.

Working in a corporate setting when I was given a laptop to work from home with, they didn't exactly throw me a 15" MacBook Pro. With it, I was given a Dell keyboard. These days, keyboards are becoming more and more streamlined and flat, but Windows keyboards still have a long way to go when it comes to working like the 'chicklet' keyboards of the Mac.

Using the keyboard I was given, my fingers started to fatigue after a few hours. I noticed my productivity slipping because I couldn't sustain my rate of typing. About a month after using the Dell keyboard, I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to use a Mac keyboard. Luckily I came across a great little script to run on my XP laptop that mapped the differences between keyboards.

AutoHotkey is an application run on Windows which allows for all kinds of custom key combinations for multiple tasks. The power is in the script you use with it to map your key combinations. In the case of a Mac keyboard on Windows, you can use a script to map the function of specific keys, such as using the Option key as the Windows ALT key, or using the Command key as the Windows Start key. You can use it to map any of the Mac meta Keys - ⌘⌥⌫ and fn - to any of it's Windows brethren. It's most helpful for those of you who struggle with finding the right key combination to replace Ctrl + PrintScr or Alt + PrintScr. If you're looking for a script with which to get started, check this one out.

if you're looking for a solution for Windows 7, I've come across Apple Wireless Keyboard Helper. I haven't personally used this software, but it seems to be under active development with the most recent update being in August 2013.

Source: Mac envy: How to use an Apple keyboard with Windows and Fully Use Your Apple Keyboard in Windows with Apple Wireless Keyboard Helper